Epic Island has many exciting dungeons to explore. Each dungeon progresses in level as you slay more Monsters. For each level your heroes complete you will be awarded a chest filled with loot, which you can open for a price. When a dungeon reaches level 5, it’s considered complete, but you can always go back and earn more chests, experience, and items.

Zone Level Cost Element Dungeons Monsters
Starting Zone 0 0 Plant Evil Tree,

Dark Forest

Vile Mushroom, Killer Wasp, Potato Bug, Jade Crab, Forest Rat.

Arboterror, Jade Crab, Forest Rat, Timberling, Tender Golem.

Charred Expanse 5,000 Fire Arcus Volcano,

Abandoned Village

Scorched Bones, Death Worm, Flametongue, Blazebloom, Lava Specter.

Death Worm, Lava Specter, Lava Boil, Blazebloom, Arboterror.

Earthfell 6 25,000 Earth Castle Dust,

Crystal Caverns

Tyrantula, Needle Bug, Stone Crab, Living Armor, Rock Crusher.

Stone Crab, Kyroterror, Sludge, Sand Golem, Steel Mimic.

Frozen Wastes 9 50,000 Cold Icy Mawcano,

Frozen Hall

Frostblight, Ice Breaker, Ghost, Ice Crab, Sabertooth.

Mortispetal, Cool Ghoul, Rotten Mimic, Frosty Golem, Coldergeist.

Stormridge 11 75,000 Lightning Crystal Fortress, Temple of Thunder Gluttonous Blob, Naja, Devourer, Thunderweaver, Plasmatasm.

Horrorgrasp, Nightshade Bug, Crystal Smasher, Dusk Rat, Mechano-wasp.

Dire Marshes 13 100,000 Water Ghost Ship,

Sunken Tower

Water Blobule, Toxic Mushroom, Sea Spray, Undertow, Sharkfin.

Sunken Tentacle, Mariterror, Pinching Crab, Amethyst Wasp, Icky Spider

Windswept Peaks Air Sky House,

Rusty Windmill

Squawk, Gillfin, Albino Rat, Sand Golem, Robo-Miner.

Spider Fower, Spikeball, Razorshell, Treasure Mimic, Enchanted Armour.

Wizard's Grasp Spire of Malice Glow Bug, Cultist, ?, ?, ?.