Gear is an important part of the game. It boosts heroes stats, which increases the success when fighting monsters and increases damage to titans. Gear has are three primary attributes: Attack, Defense, and Magic. Gear can also provide additional boosts depending on the elements associated with the gear.

Types of GearEdit

Each hero can be equipped with one of each type of gear (unless he/she is equipped with a two-handed weapon, where the off-handed slot is disabled). Gear is divided into four main categories:


Use the forge to upgrade your items. Drag the item that you want to upgrade into the forge and then increase its level by melting down your unwanted items.


The level of the item determines its base stats. For each level that an item gains, its existing base stats increase by 3. Gear can have a maximum level of 30, which means each base stats can be improved by +87 from level 1. Every 10 levels (excluding level 30), the item's icon and global design will change, indicating that it is a higher tier.


Combining elements in the forge modifies your gear. Each element has a specific effect. Elements can be added to a particular item by forging the item with an item containing the desired element. Non-epic equipment can have, at most, two elements. Adding additional elements during forging will yield an item with two randomly selected elements.

  • Plant: Hero Fame
  • Fire: Arena Strength
  • Earth: Coin Bonus
  • Cold: Titan Damage
  • Lightning: Honor
  • Water: Rare Chance
  • Air: Dungeon Progress

Epic Gear Edit

If an item is forged with a specific set of elements, it has a chance to become Epic. Each item has an epic form. You can increase the chance of forging Epic Gear with gems. While limited to a certain set of elements, Epic Gear has improved base stats that are much higher than a level 30 item of the same type. Due to its increased base stats, Epic Gear does not have a level, and can not be further modified by forging.